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Navigating retirement should be an exciting journey, full of opportunities to enjoy the life you’ve worked so hard to build. At Enrich Retirement, we go beyond providing the resources and tools necessary for a fulfilling retirement. We also offer exclusive member benefits, courtesy of our valued partners.

As an Enrich Retirement Premium Member you have access to these exclusive benefits. Providing additional avenues to maximise your retirement experience. Our mission is to not only provide you with the information needed for planning your golden years but also offer exclusive perks that add an extra sparkle to your retirement journey.

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As an Enrich Retirement Member, your journey towards a rewarding retirement doesn’t end with the premium resources and expert insights we provide. You’ll also get access to:

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These benefits are tailored to ensure your retirement is not just comfortable but also enriched with experiences that ignite your passion, keep you active, and provide opportunities for learning and growth


Take charge of your health in retirement with our exclusive offer from Kimba Lawrence, a seasoned Wellness Coach. Kimba specialises in guiding individuals on improving metabolic health, a key player in preventing chronic ailments like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, gout, weight gain, and diabetes. Don’t let these silent killers take a toll on your golden years.

Discover natural, effective ways to enhance your metabolic health and fend off chronic illness. Get personalised insights on managing long-term health issues naturally and safeguard your wellbeing.



Here’s your chance to get started on a healthier retirement journey. Mention that you received this offer from Enrich Retirement, and unlock a FREE 15-minute consultation with Kimba. Use this opportunity to determine if her program aligns with your health goals. This is a unique chance for Enrich Retirement subscribers, and it’s exclusively designed for you.

Don’t wait! Check out Kimba’s offer and take your first step towards a healthier retirement today. Your vibrant, healthy future is just a click away!

Kimba Lawrence

Changing Gears: Entrepreneurs @ 50+ with Angela Robertson

Angela Robertson has published a new book Changing Gears: Entrepreneurs @ 50+. Filled with stories to motivate and inspire you, this book showcases people who have chosen to set up new businesses rather than retire. Re
ad about their successes, their challenges, and what they have learned on their journeys into the business realm later in life. This book may very well prompt you to think again about what retirement means to you.


I’m excited to let you know you that paperback copies of my popular book, ‘Changing Gears: Entrepreneurs @ 50+’ can be purchased directly from me at the discounted price of $30 each or two copies for $55 – this includes free postage anywhere in New Zealand!  To take advantage of the offer and ensure you get your copy in time for the big day, email me directly kiaora@angelarobertson.nz  Be sure to get in quick, as this special offer ends on Wednesday 20th August 2023.

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