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Liz Koh

Healthy Financial Relationships

One of the biggest causes of relationship stress and relationship breakdown is disagreements over money. Even couples who have been together a very long time

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Positive Ageing
Dr Doug Wilson

Improving Our Mental Function

There is no question that cognition declines with age. Mild cognitive impairment (MCI) is a feature of an increasing number of people as they age

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Positive Ageing
Cynthia Munro

Position Your CV to Avoid Ageism

From time to time we hear the word ‘ageism’.  This can come from within organisations or through the media.  Fortunately, I haven’t heard it a

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Liz Koh

The Psychology of Investing

Human behaviour is not always rational. After all….we are human! Much of our behaviour when it comes to managing money is driven by emotion more

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Healthy Living
Kimba Lawrence

Look After Your Kidneys

Learn exactly how you can care for your kidneys because our kidneys are a most precious organ that works hard 24/7. Their role is often

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Dr Angela Robertson

Unanticipated Early Retirement

After working for several decades, many of us look forward to our retirement.  It’s an opportunity to change direction, start something new, live in a

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