Retirement Checklist

Are you prepared for your retirement?

Retirement Checklist
I know what things in life bring me the greatest joy
I know how I would like to spend my time in retirement
I have a wish list of things I want to do in retirement
I know what things in life bring me the greatest joy
I know when I aim to retire
I know how much money I will need each year to live on in retirement
I know what my total income from all sources will be in retirement
I know whether I will qualify for additional government assistance
I know about the discounts and rebates I may qualify for in retirement
I know the total amount of money I have in investment accounts and how to access it
I know whether I am on track to have enough money to enjoy the kind of retirement I want
I have paid off my mortgage and other debts
I have thought about where I want to live in my retirement and where I want to spend the last years of my life
I have reviewed my life insurance and health insurance
I have reviewed my house insurance
I have prepared a Will and Enduring Powers of Attorney
I have reviewed the beneficiaries of my Will and instructions for distribution of my estate
I have considered whether I want to make a charitable bequest on my death
I have collated all my important documents and put them in a safe place and my family knows where to find them
I have a plan for staying fit and healthy in retirement
I have a plan for maintaining and developing social contacts in retirement

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