Think, Shrink, Grow

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Think, Shrink, Grow

Getting on top of your money issues will be a lot easier in future with the new look Sorted website. Sorted has built a huge following of people keen to make their money work better for them and is recognized internationally as being at the leading edge of resources to help improve financial literacy. The revamped website is simpler, less cluttered, and more straightforward to use. In the same way that ‘slip, slap, slop’ helped make us think about protecting ourselves from sunburn, Sorted is encouraging us to ‘think, shrink, grow’ to get our financial affairs in order.

Think is all about making plans; setting your goals, developing your budget, and making sure you are prepared for unexpected events. The next step is to Shrink your debt; that’s paying off your credit cards, hire purchase, store cards and your mortgage. Finally, Grow is what you need to do to save and invest to achieve your goals. There are calculators to help you quantify your potential to save, show you how to get rid of debt faster, and work out how much you need to save to achieve specific goals.

Life events such as leaving school, entering a relationship, having a baby, being made redundant or retiring are often triggers to make new plans and revise budgets. Sorted provides a guide to these events that links back to the calculators. By registering on Sorted, you can save your calculations and bookmark information that is of relevance to you.

Those looking for a more sophisticated and detailed approach to planning their finances may find Sorted a little lacking in depth. However, its value lies in its simplicity and ease of use. It outlines a basic framework which can form the basis of more detailed discussions with your financial adviser.

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