What Money Means to You

  As we emerge from lockdown and get back to a ‘new normal’ of life, many people are re-evaluating their life priorities. Changing priorities have a financial impact. That’s because the role of money in anyone’s life is to enable them to live the life they want, based on what is important to them. Everybody […]

The Fragility of Markets

  It’s been a wild and unpredictable ride in share markets in recent months. From mid-February to mid-March we saw a massive sell-off of shares that led to price decline of about 30% internationally. Since then, markets have steadily risen to almost pre-COVID levels. However, in recent days, concerns about rising unemployment and COVID case […]

Lessons Learned

  As we head into a new normality, it will be important to reflect on the lessons learned from being in lockdown. There is every possibility of a second wave of disease or even yet another pandemic in years to come. By learning from this experience, we will be more prepared for next time. Resilience […]

Wealth Preservation for Business Owners

  There is no doubt that business owners are having a tough time now, and it is probably going to get worse as unemployment increases and people spend less. We have not yet seen the full impact of COVID-19 on our economy. As business owners struggle for survival, they face the real danger of losing […]

In it Together

  Over the last few weeks, we have been reminded many times of fact that, whether we like it or not, we are part of a community. The welfare and wellbeing of each person in the community has an impact, either directly or indirectly, on the community as a whole. We are all in this […]

Should couples hold investments in separate names?

Since over 65s have been allowed to open KiwiSaver accounts, more retirees have invested in KiwiSaver. What is the problem with this? KiwiSaver has to be held in the name of an individual and this can cause estate planning problems. If one partner dies, there could be a considerable delay in getting access to investments […]

The Economic Outlook for Investors

  So there we have it – the 2020 Government budget – and there are no surprises. The Government’s approach is to flood the economy with money in order to keep businesses afloat and save jobs. Treasury’s view seems to be that we will have a ‘V-shaped’ recession – that is, a sharp decline followed […]

Where to for Property?

  In the light of low bank interest rates and uncertainty in share markets, many investors are wondering whether the residential property market will offer the best returns going forward. Mortgage repayment holidays should prevent a massive sell-off as a consequence of pay cuts and redundancy, however the short-term nature of these holidays may just […]

Mortgage Repayment Holidays – Pros and Cons

  As the effects of the economic downturn take hold, many people will be struggling to make their mortgage repayments. Most banks are offering a six-month mortgage repayment holiday, but is this a good solution? The aim of a repayment holiday is to reduce financial pressure and give breathing space to people who are struggling […]

Make the Most of Lockdown

  Resilient people are successful people and one of the traits of resilience is the ability to turn problems into solutions and to find the opportunities that present themselves in times of adversity. Those who embrace change and see it as a chance to make progress in a different way are those who will emerge […]