The Best Comes Last – Liz Koh Ebook


You’ve spent your working life building up your wealth to the point where you can say, ‘That’s it! I’ve had enough! Time for me to enjoy life!” But for many people retirement brings fear and anxiety as well as joy. So many uncertainties lie ahead.

When is the best time to retire?

How much money do I really need and where should I invest it?

What happens if I run out of money?

How do I top up my retirement income?

How do I make the most of the early years of retirement without spending too much?

What will I do with my time?

Will I be happy when I’m not working?

These are among the many questions that keep people awake at night just before and just after retirement.

Retirement should be about having fun, not full of worry and uncertainty.

In this 58 page ebook Liz Koh explores the answer these questions and more, so that you can truly live your retirement to the max! I trust you will find the information in here that will help you do just that.



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