Get Rich Fast or Slow

Get Rich Fast or Slow The rate at which wealth grows is determined by three things: the difference between your income and your outgoings (that is, how much you save), the nature of your assets and the nature of your liabilities.   Saving Income is a flow of money which can be either spent or […]

Build Wealth With Old-Time Money Values

Build Wealth With Old-Time Money Values Our forebears lived through hard times and, if they were alive today, would no doubt remark that we live in luxury by comparison. Despite their meagre household incomes and large families, by enlarge they were able to provide the essentials of life for their families without handouts from the […]

New Year’s Resolutions to Build Wealth in 2011

Five New Year’s Resolutions Regardless of whether your financial goal is to create enough wealth for financial security or a multi-million dollar empire, the starting point is the same. Fortunes are only made on a solid financial base and to build one means getting rid of some old money habits and developing some new ones. […]