Silver Splitters

It is common for two people to stay in an unhappy relationship for the sake of children and because they can’t afford to split their assets and income in half. But is seems that now, the number of people who divorce later in life is on the increase. Known as silver splitters, they are over […]

Relationship Property Basics

Relationship Property Basics Statistics show that at least a third of marriages and de facto relationships fail. Being aware of the financial consequences of the end of relationship means you can put in place strategies to protect the property you acquired before the relationship and protect your rights to a share of property acquired during […]

Secret Spenders

Secret Spenders One of the advantages of being a single person is you can spend your own money on what you want, when you want. Of course, the downside is there isn’t another person to share the cost, so freedom comes at a price. Getting together with another person usually means setting agreed financial goals […]