Consequences and Regrets

Physicists know that for every action there is a re-action and it’s the same with money. With every financial decision you make (or don’t make) there is a consequence. Consequences may not, however, be instantaneous. They make take years to unravel. Where we end up in life is the sum of the consequences of every […]

Start with Your End Goal

Throughout life there are various points where key financial decisions need to be made that involve a substantial amount of money or which can take you off on a different path. Aside from the usual ones of buying a first home or starting a family, there are such dilemmas as: Should I leave employment and […]

Making Confident Financial Decisions

Making Confident Financial Decisions There are various points in everyone’s life where it becomes necessary to make a decision that has major financial implications. Making a significant financial commitment such as taking on a mortgage to buy a house or borrowing money to set up a business, taking on a student loan, investing a large […]

Do You Need a Nudge?

Do You Need a Nudge? Despite the best efforts of economists to portray people as rational beings who make optimal choices, it is clear we have inbuilt predispositions to being the complete opposite. In their best-selling book Nudge (Penguin, 2008), Richard Thaler and Cass Sunstein outline situations in which people are least likely to make […]