Money and Power

Money and Power At a political and economic level, we all know that those who control the money have the power. In personal relationships, it is no different. Control over money can be used in either a beneficial or detrimental way by one person to control another. The way in which money is managed in […]

First Train the Teachers

First Train the Teachers Financial management skills are best taught at a young age, however despite the development of a curriculum for financial education, few schools have taken up the opportunity to teach kids about money, claiming lack of resources and a crowded curriculum. There is another very significant barrier to financial education and that […]

Is Your Boss Short Changing You?

Is Your Boss Short Changing You? Financial literacy is still a major issue in this country, particularly with regard to retirement savings. A recent online survey by ASB showed a huge gap for most people between the retirement income they want and what they will actually achieve at their current rate of saving. It seems […]

Good Habits for Kids

Good Habits for Kids Financial literacy for kids is something that Lucas Remmerswaal is very passionate about. A New Zealander, Lucas has written a series of books for children, based on the financial principles used by one of America’s most successful investors, Warren Buffett. In 2011, Buffett was ranked the third wealthiest person in the […]

Strategies for Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy International experts on financial literacy were beamed in from across the globe for the Retirement Commission’s recent summit on Financial Literacy. We know that financial illiteracy is a big problem in New Zealand, but we are by no means the only country in the world struggling to educate people on how to use […]

Save the Nation

Save the Nation New Zealand is on the brink of a financial crisis unless national savings increases, according to the final report of the Savings Working Group (SWG). Government, households and businesses are all guilty of overspending and borrowing too much money, leaving our economy in a vulnerable state. The SWG has recommended policies to […]