Spending Your Inheritance

Receiving an inheritance is a time of mixed emotions. There is the anticipation of receiving a sum of money, possibly a very large sum, but also the sadness of the loss of a loved one. Sometimes this tangling of emotions can lead to decisions being made which are not the best from a strictly financial […]

Are your Kids Waiting for you to Die?

Guest post by Karen Piercy Mum visits New Zealand from the UK every year and usually pays for something large in our household before she leaves. The first year was a woodburner because the chimney sweep refused to certify the existing one in our old villa. Another year, a new washing machine, a front loader, […]

What to do With an Inheritance

What to do With an Inheritance Receipt of an inheritance represents a time of sadness which, depending on the closeness of the benefactor, can also be tinged with an element of joy. Hopefully the joy results not from the loss of the benefactor, but from the possibilities created by a sudden influx of cash. It […]

Fighting Over the Family Fortune

Fighting Over the Family Fortune Sibling rivalry is common, but add to the mix the death of parents and a sizeable estate and you have a recipe for the destruction of family relationships. The baby boomer generation is very susceptible to this problem. Typically, their parents grew up in the Depression era and were good […]

Suddenly Rich

Suddenly Rich Dreams sometimes come true! Occasionally some of us suddenly receive a large sum of money. For the luckiest, it might be a lottery win, for some it might be an inheritance and for others the sale of a business or property. Suddenly being rich is exciting, but for most people it is also […]