Good Investment Advice

One of the barriers to people working with a financial adviser is knowing who to talk to. The relationship between an adviser and a client is founded on trust and it takes time to develop. There is an element of risk in putting your trust in someone when you don’t them that well, but there […]

The Changing Role of Financial Advisers

The Changing Role of Financial Advisers Financial advisers have been working under their new regulatory framework for nearly three years and many have changed the way in which they operate over that time. In 2011 the Code of Professional Conduct for Authorised Financial Advisers, which sets clear standards for the provision of financial advice, came […]

Smaller Investors Miss out on Advice

Smaller Investors Miss Out One of the unfortunate consequences of increased regulation of financial advisers is that some smaller investors now find themselves squeezed out of the market for personalized investment advice. There are two types of investment advisers who are able to give advice to the public: Authorised Financial Advisers (AFAs) and Qualifying Entity […]

Free Help for Investors

Free Help for Investors The Global Financial Crisis was the catalyst for significant change in the regulation and supervision of financial markets. Just like an earthquake, the Crisis shook the very foundations of financial systems and any weaknesses resulted in damage and destruction. Unfortunately many investors suffered losses and to reduce the risk of this […]

A New Era for Financial Advice

New Era for Financial Advice As we edge closer to 1 July, 2011, financial advisers are spending most of their waking moments preparing for the new regulatory regime which will clearly identify those advisers who are authorized to give financial advice on investment products and those who are not. Financial advisers who are not authorized […]

The Price of Good Advice

The Price of Good Advice The calendars of financial advisers throughout the country have a big circle around 1 July, 2011. That is the date by which, with a few exceptions, any person giving advice on investment products must be an Authorised Financial Adviser (AFA). An adviser who works for a large company, such as […]