Lessons Learned

  As we head into a new normality, it will be important to reflect on the lessons learned from being in lockdown. There is every possibility of a second wave of disease or even yet another pandemic in years to come. By learning from this experience, we will be more prepared for next time. Resilience […]

Should couples hold investments in separate names?

Since over 65s have been allowed to open KiwiSaver accounts, more retirees have invested in KiwiSaver. What is the problem with this? KiwiSaver has to be held in the name of an individual and this can cause estate planning problems. If one partner dies, there could be a considerable delay in getting access to investments […]

Why You Shouldn’t Change Your KiwiSaver

  KiwiSaver investors are panicking and changing their funds from Balanced or Growth funds to Conservative. Their motivation is to reduce losses. However, the outcome will likely be the opposite. What these people fail to understand is that there is a big difference between a loss and a drop in value. KiwiSaver funds are made […]

KiwiSaver in Retirement

It is now possible for anyone over the age of 65 to join or re-join KiwiSaver. There are many retirees who cashed in their KiwiSaver funds without consideration of the options available to them, and there are some who just never got around to joining. For these people, there is now a reprieve. As of […]

KiwiSaver for Over 65s

There is good news for those over the age of 65. From 1 July this year, being over 65 will not be a barrier to joining KiwiSaver, and anybody who has previously closed their KiwiSaver account will be able to join again. It makes a lot of sense to make this change, as more people […]

KiwiSaver Changes Bring New Options

KiwiSaver members now have a wider choice of contribution options. As of 1 April, you can put in 6% or 10% of your pay as well as choosing from the current options of 3%, 4% and 8%. There are good reasons why you could consider increasing your percentage contribution. If you work part time and […]

Investment Strategy for KiwiSavers

Volatility is a new experience for KiwiSaver investors who have known nothing but stable markets in recent years. There will be plenty of opportunity over the next two or three years for nervous investors to make bad choices about how their funds are invested. There are two key principles for managing volatility. The first principle […]

Understand Your KiwiSaver

A recent survey done by the Financial Markets Authority (FMA) for Money Week shows that we still have a lot to learn about KiwiSaver. Around 17% of people who took the survey didn’t appear to understand that funds with a higher exposure to property and shares have more ups and downs that cash and bond […]

Track Your KiwiSaver

KiwiSaver is an easy way to invest. Your contributions are deducted automatically, along with the contributions from your employer, and every year the Government pays you a tax credit. You could argue that KiwiSaver is a ‘set and forget’ type of investment. However, paying little or no attention to your KiwiSaver is not wise. There […]

KiwiSaver for Retirees

KiwiSaver for Retirees A recent survey conducted by the Financial Markets Authority and the Commission for Financial Capability found that around a quarter of people are not sure how to manage the money in their KiwiSaver funds after the age of 65. There are variations between different scheme providers and once you turn 65, providing […]