Get on Track for 2015

Get on Track for 2015 A new year, a new start and new goals to achieve. How nice it would be if we could start the year with a clean slate; no debts and a few dollars in the bank. If your finances have got out of hand with all the craziness of the holiday […]

Get Rid of Debt

Shrink Your Dumb Debt One of the biggest barriers to creating wealth is dumb debt; that is, high interest, short term, avoidable debt. Last week, the Commission for Financial Literacy and Retirement Income launched a campaign to educate New Zealanders on the implications of dumb debt and how to get rid of it. Research by Colmar […]

Get Rid of Dumb Debt

Get Rid of Dumb Debt The most common financial mistake people make is to borrow money at a high rate of interest in order to buy something they don’t really need or without considering whether they could borrow at a lower cost. This type of borrowing is what the Retirement Commission calls ‘dumb debt’ and […]

Get Rid of Debt in Five Easy Steps

Get Rid of Debt Starting the New Year with a pile of debt is not a good situation to be in, but it is a common problem. If you are serious about getting ahead financially, then getting rid of debt should be one of your top priorities. Here are five steps that will help you […]

What to do with your Tax Cut

Tax Cut Priorities There is a great opportunity right now for everybody in the work force to improve their financial situation. Unfortunately, the majority of people will miss out on this opportunity through not taking the right action. From 1 October, income tax rates will be cut and Government benefits will be increased. While GST […]

How to Rebuild your Wealth After a Recession

Rebuild your Wealth Coming out of a recession is like emerging from winter into spring. There are opportunities for new growth if you get rid of the dead wood and prepare for the new season. If you have lost your job or lost income there are four steps you should take to rebuild your wealth. […]