Where to for Property?

  In the light of low bank interest rates and uncertainty in share markets, many investors are wondering whether the residential property market will offer the best returns going forward. Mortgage repayment holidays should prevent a massive sell-off as a consequence of pay cuts and redundancy, however the short-term nature of these holidays may just […]

Property Investment Basics

Property Investment Basics Low interest rates and rapidly rising property prices are driving investors to property investment. Many would-be property investors don’t understand the complexities involved and can easily make costly mistakes. Here are some basic principles to follow. Understand that property investing is a business. It requires planning, discipline, a wide range of knowledge, […]

Property Investment Update

Property Investment Update Property investment is on the boil again thanks to low interest rates and rising property values. Underlying the price rises are high levels of net migration, low levels of new building and growing numbers of first home buyers tapping into KiwiSaver balances for their deposit. Auckland-based investors are taking advantage of the […]

Property Investment Opportunities

Property Investment Opportunities It would seem the Auckland property market is reaching a plateau. Price increases in the Auckland market have been underpinned by a shortage of properties, high net migration and high investor activity. New conditions to be imposed by the Reserve Bank on 1 November, 2015, including a 30% deposit requirement for Auckland […]

Is Property Still a Good Investment?

Property Investment Tax changes for investment property came into force on 1 April this year, forcing many existing investors to review the ownership structures for their investments and the viability of retaining their properties. In a nutshell, the effect of the changes is that investors will no longer be able to claim depreciation on their […]

Farewell to the LAQC

Property Investment The property investment bubble that burst following the Global Financial Crisis came about partly due to the huge tax refunds many investors were able to claim from their properties. These refunds enabled investors to borrow heavily and buy more properties. In many cases, the interest on the money borrowed to buy the properties […]