Understand Your KiwiSaver

A recent survey done by the Financial Markets Authority (FMA) for Money Week shows that we still have a lot to learn about KiwiSaver. Around 17% of people who took the survey didn’t appear to understand that funds with a higher exposure to property and shares have more ups and downs that cash and bond […]

Living on NZ Super

Living on NZ Super New Zealand is finally catching up with the rest of the world and considering changing the age of eligibility for NZ Superannuation from 65 to 67. However, the four-year process to make this transition doesn’t start for another twenty years. In the interim, the number of pensioners is burgeoning and life […]

KiwiSaver for Retirees

KiwiSaver for Retirees A recent survey conducted by the Financial Markets Authority and the Commission for Financial Capability found that around a quarter of people are not sure how to manage the money in their KiwiSaver funds after the age of 65. There are variations between different scheme providers and once you turn 65, providing […]

Get to Know Your Investments

Get to Know Your Investments It is not uncommon for investors, particularly those in superannuation or retirement savings schemes, to be unfamiliar with how their money is being invested. All too often, there is disillusionment when the investment does not perform in line with the investor’s expectations. In most cases, this is not because the […]

Spending your Nest Egg

Spending your Nest Egg There comes a time in life when you have to flick the spend/save switch from saving to spending. If you have been careful with your money during your working life, it can be hard to spend and watch your savings dwindle. Spend too much and you might run out of money; […]

Top Up Your Retirement Savings

Top Up Your Retirement Savings Now is a good time to be thinking about whether you are putting enough aside for your retirement. A review of your long term plans should be done on an annual basis and June is a good month for two reasons; firstly because it is too wet and cold outside […]

Advice for KiwiSavers

Advice for KiwiSavers KiwiSaver skeptics will no doubt be saying ‘I told you so’ after the recent changes announced in the budget. A minority of the population have refused to join KiwiSaver on the grounds that the Government will keep changing the rules or mismanage their money. Yes, the rules have changed, but joining KiwiSaver […]

Spring Clean Your Investments

Retirement Savings Spring is in the air and it is a good time to take a fresh look at your retirement savings plans. There have been many changes in retirement savings in recent times that mean you should review any schemes you signed up for prior to the introduction of KiwiSaver in October, 2007. At […]

When Retirees Run out of Money

Retirement Blues One of the biggest financial risks faced by retirees is that they will run out of money before they run out of time.  A pension is only enough for daily living costs and those who have just a small sum saved can run out of money once they have had to replace a […]