Your Retirement Questions Answered - Liz Koh

Presented by Liz Koh

11/11/2022 12:00 pm

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You’ve worked hard your whole life. You deserve a retirement that’s just as exciting and adventurous as the rest of your life.

But there are lots of uncertainties that can make planning ahead difficult. How long might I live? How much money do I need? What will I do with my time? When is the best time to retire? How can I stay fit and healthy? How can I top up my retirement income? Where should I invest my money?

Here at Enrich Retirement, we have curated the information and resources you need to answer these questions and more and make your retirement the best time of your life. As a Premium Enrich Retirement Member, you have exclusive access to the best tools and resources for making your retirement a success

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Your Retirement Questions Answered - Liz Koh

Liz Koh

Liz answers premium members’ retirement questions.
  • I’m renting with $100,000 in KiwiSaver and retiring at the end of next year. Will I be able to live on NZ Superannuation?
  • Health insurance premiums keep going up. Should my husband and I cancel our policies?
  • I’m in my sixties with a husband 10 years older and we have been married for 10 years. We are living in his house. I’m worried I won’t have a house to live in if he dies before me.
  • My partner and I are considering moving to a retirement village. Is this financially the best thing to do? I’ve heard the fees are quite high.
  • I retired recently and still have some money in a Conservative KiwiSaver Fund. Should I leave it there?
  • I’ve just turned 65 and still have a small mortgage. Should I cash up my KiwiSaver and pay off my mortgage?


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