Your Retirement Questions Answered - Liz Koh

Presented by Liz Koh

13/07/2022 12:00 pm

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Your Retirement Questions Answered - Liz Koh

Liz Koh

Liz answers premium members’ retirement questions
Liz Koh - Retirement Webinar

Is it OK to have all your money in one managed fund?

How can I invest my money to get an income to top up my Superannuation?

How do I go about finding a good financial adviser?

What should I do with my KiwiSaver once I have retired?

Should I sell my investment property now that I am retired?

We have a reasonably large sum of money for retirement and if we just put it in the bank and use it up we will have about $30,000 a year to top up our income. Its an easy option but quite conservative. Is this what we should do to keep our affairs simple?

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