30-Day Restore Yoga

Presented by Tamihana Paurini

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Welcome to your 30 day Yin Yoga Series. Yin Yoga is a very restorative style that delivers many health benefits. The focus on slowing and lengthening your breath tones and balances your nervous system which will reduce anxiety, help with depression, aid a better sleep and help with feelings of positivity and contentedness. The Asana’s (poses) are designed to work on your more plastic type “Yin” tissues, the ligaments, tendons and joint capsules. This will give you more length and mobility and gently encourage more fluid in the joints and more growth of healthy tissues.  This beautiful practice should be practiced subtly where you feel your own edge but no pain so if any one pose feels painful adjust till you feel comfortable. You may find use of pillows, blankets very helpful to maintain comfort in your poses. We have designed this in very bite sized classes to fit in with your busy lifestyles but if you have time for more than play more than one class to get even more benefits.  We hope you enjoy your practice and would love you to join us at www.yogawithensoul.co.nz if you would like to further your yoga practice.

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