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The key to having more money in your life is to love and respect the money you have already. Treat your money as if it is your best friend. If you respect your money, value it, and take care of it, you will attract more of it into your life. Having respect for your money means being responsible with it, keeping track of it, not wasting it or losing it unnecessarily and thinking about it in a positive way.

Are you guilty of being disrespectful to yourself and to your money? Do you:

  • Spend more money on birthday and Christmas presents than you can afford to?
  • Spend more money on friends than you afford to?
  • Often buy takeaway food or eat out because you can’t be bothered cooking?
  • Pay your bills late and therefore miss out on discounts or incur extra charges?
  • Buy on impulse rather than shopping around for lower prices on things that you need?
  • Often withdraw extra cash when you make an EFTPOS purchase?
  • Spend any money in your wallet just because it is there?

People who respect their money are generally more aware of how much they have, how much they can afford to spend, and how to get the most value out of it. Here’s a test for you. Take out your wallet or purse. Before you open it, try and guess how much money is in there in notes and coins. Now see if you were right. Have a look at how your money is organised. Are the notes neatly arranged or folded crookedly? Are the coins kept tidily or are they perhaps scattered through your handbag, your clothing or even your house? How you store your money is often a sign of how much you respect it.


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