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If financial freedom is something that you strive for, then no doubt you’ve pondered on how to get there by creating multiple streams of income. Many people dream of being able to sleep soundly at night, knowing that money is rolling effortlessly into their bank accounts, enabling them to retire earlier, work less, or achieve their other goals faster. For some, the dream is a reality; for most it is a wish that is unlikely to be fulfilled.

 When you have a job, you are exchanging time and effort for money. There is a physical limit on how much time and effort you have available, and therefore your income is limited. With alternative income streams, you may have unlimited potential to increase your income.

 The number of ways in which you might develop multiple income streams is limited only your imagination. The internet has opened up a whole new world of opportunities. Some of the things you can do from home are:

  • Start an internet blog or chat room and earn money from advertising on the site
  • Write a book or an e-book
  • Write articles in magazines or on websites for money
  • Turn hobbies into income streams, for example by teaching classes or selling products
  • Set up an online business
  • Invest in a property or share portfolio
  • Rent spare rooms in your house

 If you own a business, franchising, licensing and developing new product or service lines are obvious ways to diversify your income.

 To make time for a new opportunity, consider reducing the hours you work in employment. If your opportunity requires a significant investment of money or resources, make sure you seek specialist advice before proceeding but also remember ‘nothing ventured, nothing gained’. Don’t be afraid to give it a go!

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