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Resilient people are successful people and one of the traits of resilience is the ability to turn problems into solutions and to find the opportunities that present themselves in times of adversity. Those who embrace change and see it as a chance to make progress in a different way are those who will emerge from turmoil in the strongest position. The challenge for all of us now is to use lockdown as a time to reassess, regroup and reprioritise.

Many people have commented that they have enjoyed spending more time with their family and friends, even if the contact is virtual. Research has proven many times over that the number one source of happiness is social interaction. Working less and interacting with others more is changing peoples lives and causing them to re-evaluate how they spend their time and their money.

A simpler life focussed on achieving happiness rather than status is less expensive and less stressful. However, happiness can be eroded by financial stress. Make the most of the less hurried time in lockdown to put in place a financial plan that works based on your expected future income. If you are not sure where your future income will come from, now is the time to be thinking about a new career or a new business.

Economists will tell you that recessions are times when resources – people and money – are shifted from areas that are weak to areas with good future prospects. That shift can take a few years, because retraining or developing new business opportunities doesn’t happen overnight. Now is the time to let go of what is no longer working and head in a new direction. For some, such as those in tourism, hospitality and retail, the shift will be a major one but is unavoidable.

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