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There is a good chance, in fact about a 50% chance if the psychologists are correct, that some time in the New Year you will make at least one resolution. Researchers have found that the most popular resolutions fall broadly speaking into four categories: health and lifestyle, personal development, relationships and money. The bad news is that less than 10% of people stick to them. Here’s how you can beat the odds and turn your resolutions into reality:

Be clear on what you want. It sounds obvious, but a goal has to be something you really want to achieve. This is especially true when it comes to money goals. Spending less, saving more and paying off debt are not goals, they are the means by which you achieve goals, which might include having a holiday, buying a house or making life more enjoyable be reducing your financial stress. Being clear about the end result you want will give you the motivation to succeed.

Look at the big picture. If you want to lose weight, not only do you have to eat less, you also have to eat the right type of food, drink lots of water, and exercise. When it comes to achieving financial goals, you need to look at how much you save, how much you spend and what you spend your money on.

Take small steps. A goal has to be achievable, and it is better to take small, positive steps that can be easily attained than to have a goal which is so hard to reach that you give up trying. Starting to save for a holiday by saving a small amount, even if it is only $10 a week, will get you into the habit of saving successfully and you can gradually increase the amount over time.

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