Set Your Happy Goals

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It’s that time of year again, when we start with what feels like a clean slate; the whole year before us and the prospect of good fortune ahead. The pace of life is much slower during the holiday period, giving us time to reflect and think about what is important to us. It is as if we are all being given another chance to get things right. It’s the same chance we had this time last year, and every year before that. So why don’t things go according to plan? Despite the best intentions, life takes over. We get busy, and in the process of keeping up with the business of life, we let go of the great aspirations we had at the start of the year.

The key to being able to keep on track is to think about your ‘why’. The ultimate human goal is happiness. Every person finds happiness in different ways, and once you understand what truly makes you happy, you will find the motivation to succeed at your goals. Billionaire Richard Branson had it right when he said “Most people would assume my business success and the wealth that comes with it have brought me happiness. But I know I am successful, wealth and connected because I am happy”. Branson asks all his employees “What is your happy mantra?” When asked about his personal mantra for happiness, Branson said “The way I see it, there is a reason we are called human beings and not human doings. As human beings we have the ability to think, move and communicate in a heightened way. We can co-operate, understand, reconcile and love. That’s what sets us apart from most other species. So in 2017, don’t forget the to-do list, but remember to write the to-be list too”.

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