Financial Independence, Retire Early (FIRE)

It seems millennials don’t wish to get sucked into the rat race the way their parents did. The FIRE movement (Financial Independence, Retire Early) is literally setting the world alight. FIRE is allowing people to retire as early as their mid-thirties. So how does it work? Early retirement is achieved by living life frugally, permanently. […]

From Financial Stability to Financial Freedom

Financial freedom is a concept that most people aspire to, but which few people understand and even fewer people achieve. The term financial freedom means different things to different people. For some, it means being free of debt, for others it means having a comfortable lifestyle without having to worry about money, but usually it […]

8 Steps to Financial Freedom Part 2

Financial Freedom Part 2 Last week we looked at the first four steps you need to take if you want financial freedom; something that most Kiwis aspire to. They were: (1) Spend less than you earn; (2) Join a subsidised superannuation scheme; (3) Pay off short term debt and (4) Set up an emergency fund. […]

8 Steps to Financial Freedom

Financial Freedom Part 1 Living from payday to payday is nobody’s idea of an ideal life. What most Kiwis aspire to is to have a comfortable life free of financial stress. There are eight simple steps that will help take you on your way to financial freedom and here are the first four:   Step […]

Secret Spenders

Secret Spenders One of the advantages of being a single person is you can spend your own money on what you want, when you want. Of course, the downside is there isn’t another person to share the cost, so freedom comes at a price. Getting together with another person usually means setting agreed financial goals […]

Make Money While You Sleep

Make Money If financial freedom is something that you strive for, then no doubt you’ve pondered on how to get there by creating multiple streams of income. Many people dream of being able to sleep soundly at night, knowing that money is rolling effortlessly into their bank accounts, enabling them to retire earlier, work less, […]