How to Be a Billionaire

They say the best way to become a billionaire is to act like one. You can find the secrets of billionaires in their values, beliefs and strategies which, if you study them, can guide you to great wealth. Strange as it may seem, extremely wealthy people are driven not by the pursuit of wealth but […]

A Solid Foundation

A Solid Foundation Creating a significant amount of wealth during your lifetime cannot be done by saving alone and usually requires the use of other people’s money. Borrowing money from others to invest in businesses and property is referred to as a leveraged investment strategy. Leveraged investments are capable of producing significant wealth, providing the […]

What it Takes to Have

An Extraordinary Life People who consider themselves ordinary often wonder if it is possible to ever achieve the life of their dreams. Such people fail to understand two really important points. The first point, which almost goes without saying, is that ordinary people live ordinary lives, while extraordinary lives are lived by extraordinary people. The […]

A Winning Team

A Winning Team Whether you are a fan of ruby, football, netball or baseball, it’s a great feeling to see your home team take out the championship. Reaching high levels of success in sport can only be achieved with a total focus on teamwork, through which each player contributes their own individual strengths in a […]