An Extraordinary Life

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People who consider themselves ordinary often wonder if it is possible to ever achieve the life of their dreams. Such people fail to understand two really important points. The first point, which almost goes without saying, is that ordinary people live ordinary lives, while extraordinary lives are lived by extraordinary people. The second point is that anybody, even ordinary people, can choose to be extraordinary. Being extraordinary is about having the right attitude to life and being prepared to do things differently than you have done before. Your ability to create wealth has very little to do with your level of education, your income from employment or your family circumstances and everything to do with your attitudes and behaviours. People who live extraordinary lives have certain things in common. They are confident, with a positive, optimistic attitude towards life. Rather than sitting on the couch they actively engage with the wider community, using their networks for ideas and support. The more widely they engage with others, the more contacts they have and the more ideas and support they receive. Extraordinary people are creative, and constantly looking for opportunities. They do their homework on new ventures but they are not afraid to take risks. Neither are they afraid of either failure or success. They set themselves clear, far-reaching goals that might seem impossible to others. To live an extraordinary life means letting go of living an ordinary life. Sometimes, that means letting go of property, people, or employment if these are things that hinder progress. Being extraordinary means having the courage to let go of what is familiar in order to make way for new things that open up new possibilities.

If you have the desire to live an extraordinary life, do you have the courage to change and let go?

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