Tips for Your Twenties

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What you do with your money in your twenties will have a significant impact on the rest of your life. Start off on the wrong track and it might take you years to get back on the right track. Make the right decisions with your money and your future life will be much easier. So how do you get it right?

  • Get into a good savings habit. If you don’t learn to save now, you probably never will. Saving is easy; it’s just a case of spending less than you earn.
  • Join KiwiSaver – it’s the best return you will get on your savings and the earlier you start, the easier it will be to save for your retirement.
  • Learn to respect and value money by spending wisely, looking for discounts and paying bills on time to avoid penalties.
  • Stay out of debt, unless it is to buy a house or set up a business. Paying interest on debt takes your financial situation backwards.
  • If you get into financial difficulties, get help from a budget adviser. Talk to the companies you owe money to and come to an arrangement so as to maintain your credit rating.
  • Talk to an insurance broker about your insurance requirements, especially for life, income protection and health cover. If you have health issues later in life you may find it more expensive, difficult, or even impossible to get cover for some things so put it in place now.
  • Get legal advice on how to protect your assets in the event that you have a relationship lasting more than three years which comes to an end.

There is much to learn about managing your financial affairs, but there is lots of information available online or from experts who can help you.

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