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Managing Your Mindset Beyond Mid-life

By actively working your way through this thought-provoking short course, you will have the opportunity to challenge commonly held concepts and beliefs about ageing and take a fresh look at the possibilities for the future.  You will: –   Develop your own perspective on ageing in the 21st century Reflect, examine, and challenge your current …

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30-Day Restore Yoga

Welcome to your 30 day Yin Yoga Series. Yin Yoga is a very restorative style that delivers many health benefits. The focus on slowing and lengthening your breath tones and balances your nervous system which will reduce anxiety, help with depression, aid a better sleep and help with feelings of positivity and contentedness. The Asana’s …

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Buckets of Money for Retirement

WHY PLANNING YOUR RETIREMENT IS VITAL  Life has a habit of disappearing quickly. It seems the older you get, the faster time goes. After a busy working life juggling family and work commitments, and trying to squeeze in some personal goals and interests, reaching retirement can bring a sense of relief… or it can bring …

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