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Lifestyle of reitirees

Lifestyle Planning

Retirement lifestyle planning expert Cynthia Munro talks about the importance of planning your retirement lifestyle and how to go about it

Intimacy in Retirement

This course is a series of webinars presented by sex therapist Edit Horvath (interviewed by Liz Koh) covering a range of topics on the subject of intimacy in retirement. Topics include:

30-Day Restore Yoga

Welcome to your 30 day Yin Yoga Series. Yin Yoga is a very restorative style that delivers many health benefits. The focus on slowing and lengthening your breath tones and balances your nervous system which will reduce anxiety, help with depression, aid a better sleep and help with feelings of positivity and contentedness. The Asana’s …

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Buckets of Money for Retirement

WHY PLANNING YOUR RETIREMENT IS VITAL  Life has a habit of disappearing quickly. It seems the older you get, the faster time goes. After a busy working life juggling family and work commitments, and trying to squeeze in some personal goals and interests, reaching retirement can bring a sense of relief… or it can bring …

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